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Crystal Dawn is an artist who creates beautiful shimmering works of art using diamonds, crystals, gems, resin, clay and Indian inks. Her pieces are a magical revelation, a waltz of colors that twirl and pirouette across the canvas. Soft waves of iridescence create a tapestry of visual poetry, inviting viewers to lose themselves in the reflective beauty.

Crystal Dawn has been creating art for since childhood. Born and raised in the serene prairies of Alberta. Inspired by other Artists being the driving force behind her passionate artistic expression. Deeply rooted in her love, and appreciation for painting and mixed media masterpieces. Beyond her own artistic endeavors, her talent extends to crafting custom art pieces upon request. She now wants to get involved in the art community. Currently residing in the vibrant city of Vancouver.

Exhibition Certificate 
Exhibizone Spring Festival
Selected Works
2022 - 'Phoenix of Blessings' - Group Exhibition. 


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